Soldier on Service Dogs, Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, West Fork High School, Childrens Safety Center.... What do these organizations have in common?? Aside from being local they are all causes we have done a vehicle acquisition for! What is a vehicle acquisition? Here at Lewis Automotive it is more than just buying cars and truck. We give $250 per vehicle that we purchase to your organization!! 

This year already, we have donated over $2000 to organizations. Is yours next? If you have a cause that you believe in be sure to get in touch. What's the catch? You have to help get the word out so that people will come to the event to sell, that's it!! We would love to show our support too! Please get in touch with me, Kelsey! I will personally bring it to the attention of our marketing team and we'll see what we can do about getting it on our calendar. 479.426.7542 or
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