Whether you approve or not, the colder weather has arrived! At Lewis Auto, we want you to stay safe and be prepared for the affects that a changing temperature can have on a vehicle. 
  1. Add to your Emergency Kit - It may sound over exaggerated or unnecessary but if caught off guard, in a bad situation the consequences could be devastating. In addition to jumper cables, a car jack, four way, flashlight, car reflector, water, we suggest to add de-icer, gloves, a blanket, and warm clothing for the winter months.
  2. Assess and fill Coolant - Reminder: some of you may have put water in your radiator during summer automotive work.. (we don't suggest this) this is your friendly reminder to drain it and replace with antifreeze!  The consequences of having water when it freezes can range from busted hoses to cracked heads.  
  3. Check your tire pressure - driving with low tire pressure can result in premature tire wear and eventually hinder steering. "Properly adding nitrogen to your tires can be helpful. It contains less moisture and helps tire pressure to fluctuate less," says technician, Daniel Lorenz.
  4. Get a battery test - "Batteries can get weak when it gets colder," says Brent Sanders, Service Adviser. Testing before the cold hits can save the headache of not being able to start your vehicle. 
  5. Windshield Wiper tips - if snow, freezing rain or ice is in the forecast and your car or truck isn't in the garage, be sure to prop your wipers up so that they don't freeze to your windshield. If you do make the mistake of leaving them down DO NOT try to turn them on without thawing the first, the wipers can completely break off!
Stay warm and stay safe on the road! 

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