I'm driving down 49 and see a glistening new silver F-150 with the little Lewis sticker on the back left side of the tailgate. 
I park at Wal-Mart in front of a mother helping her toddler and young child out of a roomy black Ford Escape with that gorgeous American Flag behind the Lewis logo. 
I stop by the Goodwill to drop a load of donations off before heading to work and notice an elderly man stepping out of an older year red Dodge with that same Lewis plate and a rather faded Lewis logo on the tailgate. 
I zip into the Casey's General Store and see a college kid in a 1994 jeep with the Lewis Logo on it...

Each time I can't help but to notice how very different each person's story is. Maybe the only similarity they have is that they or someone they know or whoever they purchased the vehicle before them came through the doors of one of our Lewis Locations. Whether it was Fayetteville, Springdale, or Farmington they were treated with the same Southern Hospitality. We are about more than just selling vehicles. We are plugged into the communities around us and mobilize Northwest Arkansas. We mobilize families, volunteers, new business owners, teachers, firefighters, police officers, and well... you get the idea. We take pride that. I get to take pride in saying "we." I am overwhelmingly proud to be a part of the team. 
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