Ah yes, it's halfway through summer and you're thinking... "man I thought this was going to be a sprint but it's turned into a marathon!" 
While there are lots of marathons and events going on that's not quite what we are getting at... Summer is in full force and even summer school is wrapping up. Rodeo season is over for NWA and the kiddos are getting "bored"... now what?
As a respite provider for three kiddos for the next 10 days I am asking myself the same thing. Of course there are morning chores with taking care of the garden, daily house cleaning and animals but what do we do in the heat of the day?
There are so many fun inexpensive games to incorporate into daily activities!
  • A tarp, some pool noodles, a water hose and Dawn soap =  SLIP N SLIDE!
  • Side walk chalk! Oh you would be surprised at how much fun this can provide for kiddos. A hoola hoop, a jump rope, some chalk and lots of water from playing hard can result in hours of fun.
  • A water balloon fight! We do them at events and birthday parties but who says you can't have your own.
  • Turn your living room into a fort for a movie and game night! A fun way to connect with the kiddos for some down home fun. 
  • Some affordable things out and about is the 112 drive in movie! Finding Dory comes out on the 7th of July! 
  • Go the park or the pool! There are so many free public places to explore and have some fun. 
  • Who says the learning has to stop with school? Make the library a fun trip and do some reading. Check out a how to book and learn to cook something new or try a DIY project!
We hope you enjoy these ideas and enjoy the remaining time with your family at home.  
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