Ah yes summer is approaching. The kids are getting out of school and you’re wondering how in the world to keep them entertained and spend some quality time without breaking the bank!

It’s no surprise that according to the U.S and World News Report list of “2016 Best Places to Live,” Fayetteville, AR was voted number 3! Behind cities like Denver, Co and Austin, TX. I would say that’s pretty promising. As an NWA Native, I think the area should be number one but I wish we could keep it a secret!

Throughout the next 2 weeks I will highlight several different activities for your entire family.

But my first suggestion that many parents overlook. As you can tell through Lewis Automotive's community involvement our first suggestion is.... VOLUNTEER. There are so many unique and outstanding nonprofits in the area. At first, this may not sound ideal but let me explain. Kids can gain so much through service. It helps instill a sense of gratefulness and sacrifice for others yet

 can turn into a fun habit. 


A few ideas include:

  •   Animal Shelters! Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville and Bella Vista all have shelters! Your donation doesn’t have to be monetary, it can consist of going and playing with pups or kittens once a week. Who doesn’t love to play with fur babies? They are always needing someone to exercise them and give them attention.
  •   Visit a nursing home! One of my favorites. At first, it can be intimidating to young kids but the difference you can make in an elders life is outstan
    ding. Many feel alone and could use a pick me up. You can easily call a local nursing home to schedule a visit or get in touch with a program like senior outreach services. You can find more info at 479-631-7794
  • Get in touch with the NWA Children’s Shelter! What a fantastic organization. Volunteering can range from visiting with children to behind the scenes work or helping at events. Ways to get involved can be found at nwacs.org/volunteer
  • Volunteer at the food bank! They do such an outstanding job of making a huge difference locally. Visit www.nwafoodbank.org for more information on ways to help
Those are just a few!

A list of non-profits can be found at http://www.klrc.com/klrc-cares/non-profit-database/

If you have a favorite organization or non-profit, get comment below! We would love to hear your input!

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