The decision to buy a new vehicle is typically, a pretty big one. Typically the second largest purchase an American makes besides their home. A few things to decide before making a commitment:
  1. Choose a budget. Before setting foot onto a car lot, it's a wise choice to go ahead and sit down to analyze your  financial capabilities. Why kind of down payment do you have? Will you be trading in and upgrading? What's  in your monthly budget? 
  2. Decide New or Used. They both have their pros and cons. With a used vehicle there is a higher chance of having maintenance issues or and unknown history. Unless the vehicle has Carfaxx, which at Lewis Automotive, most do. With a new vehicle, you often pay a higher price but have the luxury of a warranty and you obviously know the history of the vehicle. 
  3. Make a List. It may seem overkill but this will help your sales assistant have a better idea of what you are looking for. Four door or two door? AWD or 2WD? Car or Truck? SUV or suburban for the big family? Back up camera or heated seats? Leather or cloth interior? Do you love slick black cars or enjoy the trade in value of a white truck? It also doesn't hurt to have list of vehicles that interest you so that they have a starting point to gauge from. 
  4. Asses your cost to own. We talked about a budget for the vehicle payment but there are a few other costs involved. Will the fuel mileage go up or down from your previous vehicle? What about your cost of insurance? If it's a used vehicle, will it be needing new tires soon? The cost of regular maintenance such as oil change, filters, and fluids should be considered too!
  5. Don't rush the test drive. Take your time to see if the vehicle is a good fit for you. Experiment with controls and comfort-ability. Also consider if five years from now that vehicle will still meet your needs in terms of people and cargo.  
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