"The very first time Ford owner Izzy Paskowitz was able to connect with his autistic son was through surfing. It was then he realized all autistic children might benefit from the sensory therapy ocean water could provide.

By teaching kids with autism to surf, Izzy’s Surfers Healing camp has made a difference in the lives of autistic kids - and their parents. And it’s not just a day at the beach. By helping kids ride the waves, Surfers Healing challenges preconceived notions and empowers participants to engage with the world like never before.


We’re proud to have played a small role in Izzy’s mission as the Ford vehicle he drives transports all the surfboards from the camp to the ocean and back. See how Izzy and Surfers Healing go further to bring awareness to autism."  

Click here for full article and video: https://social.ford.com/en_US/story/ford-community/go-further/One-Mans-Mission-to-Help-Kids-with-Autism-Go-Further.html

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