Act 706 was implemented went into affect on July 31st 2017. 
We want to be sure that you are knowledgeable about what that means for you. SB 374 was implemented back in March but the revision brings a few changes that apply to most everyone. 
  1. "Handheld wireless telephone" was changed to "wireless telecommunications device. This means the statute now pertains to laptops, iPads and other devices. 
  2. The verbiage is not longer only geared towards texting and driving. It applies to utilization social networks as well.
  3. There was also an increase in penalties. First time violators [of texting or using devices while driving] will be charged with a $250 fine. Increasing by $50-$500 for the next penalty. To emphasize the importance of eliminating distractions, the court is ordered to double fines for anyone causing an accident because of distracted driving. 
We hope you will take the pledge, with us, to not text [and use other social platforms] while driving. 
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