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For several years now, Lewis Automotive Group has had a tradition every year in March and that Tradition is Ultimate Challenge.
What is "Ultimate Challenge" you ask? WOW, would be the best way to sum up what happens during this time in March. The most
important details is what this brings to our customers. The absolute best deals on new and used vehicles, best trade values,and the
best selection in North West Arkansas. We are going the extra mile this month to make sure our customers get the best deal and 
what a great time to buy a new or used vehicle. A great example of going above and beyond, is usually during the month for about
a week, we announce "Crazy Trade Days". During that time, we take just about anything on trade towards your purchase. We have 
seen goats, trailers, fish, bikes, post office uniforms, and more unbelievable items- you name it, we will probably take it! There will 
be give aways, food, prizes, fun, ooohh and don't forget the MALL SALE!! Now, that's crazy time. Lot's of customers taking advantage
of all of our used inventory at the NWA Mall for about 4 days. You do not want to pass that up. Ultimate Challenge is just that, it is an
ultimate challenge to make the best deals and get customers into the vehicle of their dreams and Challenge us as a Hometown
dealership to sell a certain number of vehicles...That number this year is 525!! We will sell 525 in March Ultimate Challenge 2019.
Come join us!
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