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Every vehicle owner knows, regular vehicle maintenance goes hand in hand with the responsibility of driving.  Whether it’s regular oil changes, changing the wiper blades, or simply detailing the interior of your vehicle, each area that’s regularly maintained will extend both the life of your vehicle as well as your comfort and safety while driving it.  


One area that should be taken care of regularly is your tires.  When the tread of tires is too low, through the regular wear and tear of driving, you’re looking at a whole list of problems that can affect your personal safety, as well as the performance of your car.  Some of those problems include: 

Lack of traction, especially on wet or icy roads 

Extra vibration, even on clear or freshly paved roads 

Tires being under-inflated or cracking 

In older tires, the tread can even separate from the rest of the tire while driving, possibly resulting in an accident! 

We want your safety on the road to be a top priority, so we encourage being proactive in taking care of your vehicle to keep your trips running as smoothly as possible.  
There’s three methods you can use at home to see if your tires are worn enough to need replacing.  I went ahead and looked at my own tires for an example. 

Method 1: your finger 

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This is probably the easiest method, since you’re using something you already have on hand.  Inside the tread of a tire is something called a “wear bar,” which measures at 2/32” tall.  If you stick your finger in between the tread blocks, you can feel this little rubber bar that runs horizontal to the treads.  However, if your tread is even with the wear bar, your tires need replacement immediately!   

Method 2: a penny 

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Your next method just makes… cents.  If you hold a penny in your thumb and forefinger, and slide that into the tread, some of Lincoln’s head should be covered.  If you stick the penny in this space and his head is completely uncovered, that means your tires’ treads are less than 2/32” and they’ll need to be replaced. 

Method 3: tread depth cards 

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Another method is using a tread depth card to determine the wear on your tires.  I received this particular card from our service department here at Lewis Automotive.  They can also be found online, or you can make your own.  (just measure the corner of a business or extra playing card and mark 2/32” of an inch).  If the red section is uncovered, the tire needs immediate replacement.  As you can see from my measurements on the card, my tires don’t need replacement today, but they’re getting close, so I’ll be prepared to call our service department in the near future. 

If you decide to try any of these tips, and you find it’s time for new tires, feel free to call our service department today at (888)314-4824 to set up your service appointment!  We also have service coupons available, be sure to check those and ask your service advisor on your best options. 

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