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2018 Ultimate Challenge Time

It's Ultimate Challenge time in Northwest Arkansas! It is truly the best time to purchase a vehicle. This month, Lewis Automotive has a goal to sell 500 vehicles! They will do whatever it takes to reach that deal! 

The Ultimate Challenge means accepting unheard of offers, giving the biggest discounts, and paying the biggest amount for your trade-in value! If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, you will not…
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Tire Pressure Monitoring Light

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There's a good chance that when you get ready to head to work over the next few days, there could be a tiny yellow light starting back at you. Do not be alarmed! That yellow light is the TPML (Tire Pressure Monitoring Light). When the temperature begins to fluctuate, tire pressure can be affected. A general rule of thumb is that for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature change, the tire pressure may change…
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New Arkansas Text Laws

Act 706 was implemented went into affect on July 31st 2017. 
We want to be sure that you are knowledgeable about what that means for you. SB 374 was implemented back in March but the revision brings a few changes that apply to most everyone. 
  1. "Handheld wireless telephone" was changed to "wireless telecommunications device. This means the statute now pertains to laptops, iPads and other devices. 
  2. The verbiage is not longer only geared towards texting…
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Things to Do this Summer

"Mom... I'm bored." The phrase seems to get more repetitive in the summer time. Aside from chores there's only so much creativity that a mom can dish out over the course of 2 and a half months. We've made a list of fun, kid friendly events!
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4 Steps to Handle Hydroplaning

Northwest Arkansas is expecting intense rain throughout the rest of the week. We've been seeing reports of flooding and roads being washed out across NWA. In order to help avoid some potentially dangerous situations Lewis Automotive has a few tips!

Hydroplaning is a frequent cause of vehicle accidents during rain and storms. A few things you can do:
  • Reduce speed. When you notice there is water cover on the road it is recommended to…
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Helping Kids with Autism

 By helping kids ride the waves, Surfers Healing challenges preconceived notions and empowers participants to engage with the world like never before.

Click here for full article and video:
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5 Simple Ways to Prepare your Vehicle for Winter

Whether you approve or not, the colder weather has arrived! At Lewis Auto, we want you to stay safe and be prepared for the affects that a changing temperature can have on a vehicle. 
  1. Add to your Emergency Kit - It may sound over exaggerated or unnecessary but if caught off guard, in a bad situation the consequences could be devastating. In addition to jumper cables, a car jack, four way, flashlight, car reflector, water, we…
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How To's Just For You

At Lewis Automotive we want to be more than just the dealership that sells you a car, we want to assist you in learning the features of your vehicle. You can expect a series of how-to videos featuring some of our sales professionals. 
Our first two videos are up!! 
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Before Purchasing a Vehicle

The decision to buy a new vehicle is typically, a pretty big one. Typically the second largest purchase an American makes besides their home. A few things to decide before making a commitment:
  1. Choose a budget. Before setting foot onto a car lot, it's a wise choice to go ahead and sit down to analyze your financial capabilities. Why kind of down payment do you have? Will you be trading in and upgrading? What…
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Pumpkins and Leaves and Other Things

Labor Day has passed which is the unofficially opening to fall
The 'pumpkin spice everything' has arrived. Yep, lattes and marshmallows. 
Warmer colors of orange and red and yellow are popping up here and there. 
It's time for football games, hunting season and hoodies and we are pretty pumped about it. 
The changing of seasons is beautiful and we are thankful to live in a place where it embraces all four seasons. 
At Lewis…
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